Born London 1953

Lives Sydney, Australia

Medicine, Uni of Tasmania 1972-74, 1976-78
Printmaking,  East Sydney Tech 1979, 1983
Bronze Casting,  ESTC 1990-92
Fine Arts, Sydney Uni 1985-91
MFA NSW Uni 1993-95
Marble carving, Carrara, Italy, 2009 

B Med Sc, MB BS, FFMACCS, Dip Sculpture, BA (Hons), MFA

America, Europe and Asia working at various periods in Indonesia, India, France, Italy, PNG, Tonga and Turkey.

Professional artist,  environment  officer, medical practitioner, art teacher, film script writer, graphic artist.

Languages: English, Italian, French, Indonesian

Website: www.adamrish.net 

Email: adamrish@bigpond.com


1975  Secheron House Gallery, Hobart
1976  Salamanca Place Gallery, Hobart
1977  Saddlers Court Gallery, Richmond, Tasmania
           Hunter Island Gallery, Hobart
1978  Bowerbank Mill Gallery, Deloraine, Tasmania
1979  Rex Irwin Art Dealer, Sydney
           Powell St Gallery, Melbourne
           Harrington St Gallery, Hobart
1983  Salamanca Place Gallery, Hobart
           Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melbourne
1984  Mori Gallery, Sydney
1986  Mori Gallery, Sydney
1987  Solander Gallery, Canberra
           Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melbourne
1989  DC Art, Sydney
           Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melbourne
           Despard St Gallery, Hobart
1990  Solander Gallery, Canberra
C Art, Sydney
           BMG Fine Art, Adelaide
1991  Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melbourne
1992  Michael Nagy Fine Art, Sydney
1994  Michael Nagy Fine Art, Sydney
1995  Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melbourne
           COFA Gallery, University of  NSW, Sydney
1996  Quadrivium, Sydney
1997  Cooee Gallery, Sydney
1998  Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melbourne
1999  Michael Nagy Fine Art, Sydney
2000  Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melbourne
2001   Michael Nagy Fine Art, Sydney
2004   Michael Nagy Fine Art, Sydney
2007   Michael Nagy Fine Art, Sydney
2009   Despard St Gallery, Hobart
2010   Australian Galleries, Sydney
2010   Australian Galleries, Melbourne
2010   Solander Gallery, Canberra
2011   Despard Gallery, Hobart
2013   Orange Regional Gallery, Sturt Gallery, Mittagong
2014   Cessnock Regional Gallery, Manning Regional                          Gallery,   Moree Regional Gallery
2015   Gold Coast City Gallery         


1977 Tasmanian Artists, Tasmania House, London
1980 Queensland Touring Exhibition “Dyeing Fibre and                       Fabric”
1986 Oz Drawing Now, Holdsworth Gallery, Sydney
1989 New York International Print Fair
1992 Chicago Alternative Media Art Fair
1992 Tamworth Textile Biennale
1994 Kalef-Jackson Gallery, Calgary, Canada
1998 City Of Hobart Art Prize
2001 Geometry of the Earth, Orange Regional Gallery
2002  Sir Hermann Black Gallery, University of Sydney
2007 Beyond Hill End, Cudgegong Gallery, Gulgong, NSW
2008 City Of Hobart Art Prize
2008  “Adam Rish, Garry Shead, Stephen Roach”, Australian             Galleries, Sydney
2009  Australian Galleries, Melbourne
2009  Australian Galleries, Sydney
2009  ‘6×6’ Moree Plains Art Gallery, Moree
2010  Lino Alvarez: Collaborations in Clay, Bathurst
          Regional Gallery
2010 Sculpture at the Beach, Coo-ee Gallery, Sydney
2010 The Taronga Zoo Air Exhibition
2010 Sculpture at Sawmillers, Sydney
2011 Adam Rish and Garry Shead “True Fictions from                       Australia – Sanna historier från Australien
           Grafikens Hus, Mariefred, Sweden.
2011 Sculpture on the Edge, Bermagui
2012 Sculpture on the Edge, Bermagui
2012 Moving Parts, curated by Ellie Ray and Astrid Joyce,                Devenport Regional Gallery, Tasmania
2013 Sculpture in the Gaol, SW Rocks
2014 Sculpture at Sawmillers, Sydney
2015 Artisans in the Gardens
2015 Australian Artists in Bali 1930s to Now
          McClelland Sculpture Park + Gallery


Tasmanian  Museum and Art Gallery; Launceston Museum and Art Gallery; Burnie Regional Gallery; Queensland Art Gallery;  Art Gallery  of  NSW; Australian National Gallery; Shepparton Art Gallery; Art  Bank; VAB of Tasmania Collection; Uni of Tasmania Collection; Glasshouse Gallery, Port Macquarie; Grafikens Hus, Mariefred, Sweden, Gold Coast City Gallery.


1979 VAB Special Purpose Grant
1981 VAB Studio Residence, Karolyi Foundation, Vence,                     France
1984 VAB Studio Residence, Besozzo, Italy
1984 Australian Film Commission, Comedy Fund Grant
1992 VAB Travel Grant
1997 Asialink Residency IKJ Jakarta
1998 City of Hobart Art Prize


“From A Letter”, 16mm col 13 min 1983. Exhibited Melbourne Film Festival 1983; Adelaide Fringe Festival, 1984.
“The Corporate Choice” 1986, 16 mm colour 14 min
“The Search For Meaning”, 19/091994, Digital 5 min interview with Adam Rish on  REVIEW  ABC “Immunisation: Telling the story”, 1996, Digital 15 min
“Brushes with Fame”, (actor/subjct) Richard Mordaunt and Diana Barbara, 1997 Digital 54 min
“The Flesh Wheelbarrow”, (script development and actor) Garry Shead, 2006, Digital 20 min
“Kangaroo”, (actor) Garry Shead, 2013, Digital 20 min
“Misanthropology: The World Art of Adam Rish”, Adam Rish in conversation with John McDonald,  2013 Digital 25 min


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